2. Monster Overview — The inside track information


Monster Racing League is built on a foundation of fun. Unlike most blockchain games we do not think it is possible to build a long-term sustainable system designed around pay-to-win economic mechanics. Designing rich strategic gameplay and a steady stream of new content that makes the game enjoyable is the top priority.
It is vital to find the right balance between players who play for fun and those who seek to make money. Gameplay should be strong enough to attract players to a title without any monetary rewards.

“ It’s an entirely new take on the genre. This is the type of game where you can win or lose and laugh either way. “ — Josh Grant

For a full breakdown, visit our website https://www.monsterracingleague.com or our litepaper https://litepaper.monsterracingleague.com/


Choose your weapons and other abilities at the start of each race, then let your monster do the driving while you play your abilities to destroy your opponents or boost straight past them. Place in the top three positions to win, prizes include upgrades for your next race, and the platform’s utility token KBT (Knucklebones Token). Breed monsters together to create the ultimate Monster Racing League champion.

How to play

  1. Purchase or rent a monster from the marketplace. A vehicle is included with the monster. Each monster is unique and comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

2. Enter races. You’ll join a lobby that uses matchmaking to pair monsters of similar rankings. There is no fee to enter normal races.

3. Before the race you’ll have a short period of time to equip the Abilities you wish to use during the race. You can also equip Boost Cards that function like buffs that are active during the entire race.

4. During the race play your chosen offensive and defensive abilities at opportune moments to disrupt your opponents and give yourself an advantage in the race.

5. Perform well in the race to earn rewards. How you place in the race affects your ranking for the next time you race. Raise ranks to compete in races with higher rewards.

Flightless Team

Flightless is an established, award-winning game development company working across mobile, desktop, and console titles. They’re known for their RTS game Element and the Apple Arcade title Doomsday Vault.

Phat Loot Team

Phat Loot Studios is the team behind the highly anticipated, open-world adventure game Untamed Isles. Phat Loot DeFi is an innovator in the Play and Earn gaming and GameFi space and the Guppy Gang NFT project


  • Kerwin O’Malley, Marketing & Growth Lead, Phat Loot Defi
  • Keegan Lloyd, Community Manager, Phat Loot Defi


Timeline / Roadmap

Q2 2022

  • Website 🏁
  • Litepaper 🏁
  • Whitelist competition game — coming soon
  • Mint
  • Marketplace
  • Reveals for abilities, boost cards, cosmetics, and tracks.

Q3 2022

  • Game Launch

Q4 2022

  • Tournaments and Special Events


  • New tracks, abilities, boost cards, cosmetics, and much, much more!

Container Mint

Minting Date: 14th June 2022

Want to be one of the first racers on the starting grid? Then mint a container in our upcoming sale, each container gives you everything you need to start with Monster Racing League.


All containers receive one Monster with unique traits and rarity. Monsters are your drivers and you’ll need at least one to play the game. Monsters can be bred together to create new monsters. Offspring have a combination of their parents’ traits including some random variation.


Players can equip three abilities before the race begins and use them at opportune moments during the race to disrupt opponents and give themselves an advantage in the race. All containers receive 1–2 tribe abilities.


Boosters are a consumable that gives you an edge in the race. They boost speed, increase handling, power up abilities with more range or damage or shorten cool-down times. All containers receive a pack of 20, 50, or 100 boost cards.


All containers receive a custom vehicle cosmetic of varying Rarity.

  • 5,000 Common
  • 3,000 Uncommon
  • 1,900 Rare
  • 95 Ultra Rare
  • 5 Legendary


Each container has an opportunity to receive one of twenty ultra-rare tracks which earn passive rewards from races.

Dual Token Model

Knuckle Bones Token (KBT)

KBT (Knucklebones Token) is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon (Matic) Chain. It is an inflationary token meaning that the supply is uncapped. KBT will be generated (minted) through gameplay, each time there is a 3-race tournament (main mode), the top 3 places will receive the newly minted tokens. KBT will not be presold or have any form of initial dex offering (IDO)

KBT is the primary token used for in-game mechanics such as breeding and purchasing booster packs. The amount of KBT earned or required for in-game mechanics will be closely monitored and adjusted by our economic team as needed. In addition, our team is working towards a certification from Machinations, and ongoing economic assistance.

Phat Loot Token (PLT)

PLT is Phat Loot’s Governance Token. PLT has many uses in the ecosystem of games published by Phat Loot and other SaaS services. It provides a rare and valuable play-and-earn reward in MRL as well as other Phat Loot titles.

The vision of PLT is about a One Token model that spans an entire ecosystem. Instead of having different governance tokens for each game title, another token for the Phat Loot Chain, and another one for future initiatives. Phat Loot is committing its future behind a one token philosophy to make it easier for its users.

NOTE: There will still be a two token model in game titles, but the governance token will be a single token used across all titles. (Where applicable)




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